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With covid-19 still around, a lot of things in the market have become inaccessible for the customers. All the businesses, big or small, are constantly trying to move their business online in this competitive world struck with this catastrophe. With the same spirit of serving their customers in the right manner, we at Hardik Refurbs have made our store available online to help our customers cope-up with this traumatic situation. Hardik Refurbs offers the best Refurbished servers of Cisco, Hp, and Dell at affordable prices. Investing in a good quality server helps you increase business efficiency and store data, and increase productivity. A good quality server makes working from home easy in these difficult times. All the products available at Hardik Refurbs are premium quality products, and the refurbishment process we carry out maintains the quality of the product and does not affect their performance. We also offer facilities like doorstep delivery, technical help and demonstration, reasonable warranty period, etc., to all our customers.


All the servers are verified and tested

A server is essential for a well-functioning system. If you want to avoid any glitches in your workspace or system, you need to invest in a good quality server. Keeping that in mind, we make sure that we do not affect the quality of the server. A server in its prime working condition helps provide optimum storage and excellent performance to all its operators. We understand the importance of a well-functioning server. Therefore, we make sure that we verify and test all our servers properly. We ensure that we refurbish every one of our items properly. If in case the system requires any equipment or programming update, we complete that. The things go through a few tests to check their usefulness. Only if the working condition is like that of another item is taken out in the market.


Different brands of servers are available

At Hardik Refurbs, you can browse various brands accessible. You can purchase your utilized/Refurbished server of the top brands like Hp, Dell, and Cisco. We need to know your necessities, and we will help you select the ideal server, which will help you increment your efficiency.


Low-cost servers are available

We sell the refurbished items at a negligible value when we compare them with the new item’s expense. In addition to the fact that you get the commendable arrangement that coordinates with your prerequisites, you also get it at a moderate cost. When bought from Hardik Refurbs, you additionally have the chance to profit from added benefits like technical support, guarantee, and so on. Another motivation not to pass up this incredible opportunity.


A reasonable warranty period available.

All of our items come with a proper guarantee. The total guarantee period goes from 100 days to 1 year, depending upon the item bought. If you deal with specific technical issues within the guarantee time frame, we will deal with the problem. Whether it is maintenance or substitution, we will convey your item back to you deformity-free.


Doorstep delivery across India

If you live in a discrete area in the periphery of the city or the countryside and wish to buy a server, do not worry, we got you covered. Hardik Refurbs delivers across India. The items are packed and dispatched within a day. The number of days it takes to reach the client’s location depends on the area and geographical conditions.

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