Difference between Used Servers and Refurbished Servers

Difference between Used Servers and Refurbished Servers

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A lot of people confuse the difference between Used servers and Refurbished Servers .Although both the terms point towards second-hand Products but they have a completely different meaning. Refurbished Products differ thoroughly Used Products.

A used product means pre-owned. But with refurbished products it could or could not be the case. The products used for demonstration at launch or products returned to seller due to a missing accessory or two are also classified as Refurbished. These products cannot be sold as brand new even though they did not use this product earlier. Therefore, With Refurbished Products, you could be the first user of the device without paying for the full amount. 

Here are some reasons which will help you understand the difference between used servers and refurbished servers and will help you take a better decision.

Difference between used servers and refurbished servers – key points

The Retailer                                 

The Retailer or the Vendor matters the most when purchasing any product. Refurbished Products always come from a certified retailer. Since these are Microsoft Certified retailers, they will ensure that the product’s quality is outstanding and that the product does not have any problems or defects. Since the products have to clear a functioning test, you cannot question the product’s quality. The used products, however, are sold by all kinds of vendors which are not generally certified. These do not go through any tests, and therefore people can question the quality of used products.

In the case of used products, there might also be some previous user data as they are not deleted or checked by the vendors. But this is not the case with Refurbished Products. To give the product a new look, the retailers remove any previous data present on the device.

Condition of the Product

The Refurbished Products have undergone the process of refurbishment. In this process, there are many steps.  All the defects and the problems with the products are noticed and fixed. If there is a requirement for the software update, the software is updated. The product’s condition is comparable with the state of the original product, and if it matches or is somewhat similar, the product launches into the market. Due to this, the physical condition of the product is good.

In refurbishment the replacement and polishing of the products sometimes make them look like new. But in the case of used products, the situation is entirely different. Used products, unlike refurbished products, are not checked before being sold. There is no update in the software and no removal of the dents or problems. There is no change in the product’s condition, and it comes with all the patterns and scratches that the product might have gotten during its previous use.

Warranty of the Product

Another difference between Used servers and Refurbished servers is warranty of product .Refurbished Products before the market launch goes through a check. Therefore these products if purchased from a certified buyer, will always have a warranty period. The duration of the warranty, however, depends on the vendor. But this is not the case with used products. They don’t generally have a contract.  Refurbished Products will also have the option of some return policy and a buyback value while in the case of used products you cannot be too sure about that. 

Age and Price of the Product

Major aspect of difference between used servers and refurbished servers is Age and Price of the product .With the technology evolving at such a great speed, we have new configurations coming in daily. In such an environment, the older the product gets, the more it loses its value.

The certified Refurbs tend to avoid the products that are too old as it will require a lot of effort with very little investment return. The refurbished products will, therefore, not be ancient and will have a comparatively better configuration. Thus the age of the product matters to identify if it is a refurbished product or not. In the case of used products, this does not matter. These products which they sell at such low rates can be quite old. You might even find used versions of some devices which are no longer in production.

A used product is always cheaper than the refurbished product but does not come with any warranty. Refurbished Products tend to be more expensive than used products because of the process of refurbishment. But they have an additional warranty and also return and the buyback value. What do you think is right? Investing in a cheap product with no warranty or investing in a comparatively expensive product with a warranty and other benefits. The one with a warranty, right ? now you have clear idea about difference between used servers and refurbished servers. so here you are ready !!

Refurbished Products are however cheaper than the new products offering similar configuration. Therefore investing in a refurbished product is an excellent idea.

Refurbished Products are a perfect way of getting a quality product at low rates. These are all checked and properly maintained. You will be investing in a device which is as good as new and offers warranty and tech support. These were some of the arguments that would help you decide if you have to purchase a used product or a refurbished product. We’re hoping that by now you would’ve picked your sides.in this way you have understood the difference between used servers and refurbished servers.we at at Hardik Refurbs sell refurbished servers , laptops ,workstations ,desktops and parts. for more information visit Hardik Refurbs.

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