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Graphic Cards of the leading brands available at affordable prices

Graphic cards are essential if you’re into an analytical business and need a graphical representation of your work. Not only this, the importance of graphic cards can be well explained by a gamer as it increases the gaming performance. Graphic cards have a GPU connected with a CPU, and the information is sent directly to the monitor. At Hardik Refurbs, we have a wide variety of graphics cards available which are compatible with all kinds of laptops, desktops, servers, and workstations. We design the GPU to use these graphics cards to give you the best customer experience and increase your productivity. Purchase your graphic cards from Hardik Refurbs and avail of various other customer benefits too.

Appropriate for Designing and Gaming

When it comes to designing Products or things, graphic cards are of utmost importance. For any company that uses 3 D visuals for demonstration or the fashion designing industry, or even the gaming industry, all of these are very dependent on the graphic cards. We manufacture The GPU available at our store in a way that increases the system resolution and framework. Compatible with applications and tools like Adobe Creative Cloud, MAYA, etc., the GPU helps improve the delivery time.

High-Speed GPU

GPU, or the Graphics Processing Unit, is designed in a way such that it improves the graphical performance of the device. We manufacture this low-cost GPU to carry out premium quality graphics and increase the system’s delivery speed. The problematic the application, the more GPU uses its advanced functions and levels to get the optimum output. Buy the best quality GPU from Hardik Refurbs at affordable prices.

Select your series and Memory Size

At Hardik Refurbs, you will get the option to choose from varied varieties of GPU available. You can choose from many Nvidia options available at our store. You can refer to the options like the memory size, clock speed, design, etc., to get your preferred specification.

Tested and Certified Graphics Cards

At Hardik Refurbs, we take the quality of our products very seriously, and hence we believe in maintaining the top-notch quality of the products. We test all out GPUs thoroughly across various parameters and ensure that they are compatible with different devices and servers. Only if the GPUs clear the final functionality test, we launch them into the market. This thorough checking and testing is the reason behind the proper functioning of our products.

Proper Warranty Period Included

Although we make sure that the GPUs we sell are defects free and do not cause any problems to our customers, we are available to rectify them if the customer faces any issue. We provide A full-fledged warranty period of 100 days to our customers, and within that period, we bear all the costs and cover all the aspects of the graphic cards.

Tech Support and Demo available

We at Hardik Refurbs have an excellent technical staff and representatives who are happy to help and assess you. We are always available to understand all your needs and requirements and find the right server that suits your needs. Our staff is also available in case you are stuck in a technical glitch and need guidance. We provide proper tech support from morning 10 am to 8 pm, all days of the week.

Delivery all over India

You can purchase the product from anywhere within the country, and we will make sure we deliver it right at your door. We generally take 2-3 working days to return the product to you provided the weather conditions are in our favor. We deliver across India, right from the metropolitan areas to the remote areas.

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