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Buy and Rent HP, DELL, IBM, and Cisco Servers and Workstations

With technology evolving at such an incredible pace, it is so difficult to keep up with it. Therefore we need to upgrade, to not fall behind continually. But to do so, you cannot just buy a new product every time the company launches one. Therefore, the question of “What should we do?” arises. To answer this question is where Refurbished Products come into the picture. With Refurbished Products, you can have the specification you need at pocket-friendly rates.
Refurbished means renewed something that already existed but is now defect-free to such an extent that it looks new. In the refurbishment, the product undergoes a multi-level check process, and we give it a green signal only if it matches the given parameters.

Buy Used Servers India

If you’re interested in purchasing a high specification product but cannot do so because you have a limited budget, refurbished products are your way out. For all the tech geeks like you, we at Hardik Refurbs have many options that you can check out. We have different categories of products and different varieties of each category. The products you can purchase from us are Workstations, Servers, Desktops, Laptops, and various other computer parts. These parts include processors, motherboard, storage, graphic cards, RAM, Network Cards, Raid Cards, and other smaller products like a USB cable.

These are very critical components, and therefore they must be in their best working condition to provide a good working experience. You can buy Dell servers in Delhi and buy dedicated servers in India from Hardik Refurbs. We also have a variety of hp servers, Lenovo servers, etc. To set up a business, a business owner needs to know how much does a server cost for a small business in India. With our products, the questions like blade server vs rack, Not just the servers, we also have various Workstations available at our store. The Dell precision t1650 workstation price is less when compared to other products.

We have a variety of second-hand graphics cards for all design enthusiasts and used graphics cards that we configure to provide the best user experience. At Hardik Refurbs, you will find that the second-hand computer price, the CPU price list, 16GB ddr4 ram price, ddr4 8 GB ram price, processor price etc., is affordable when compared with various other operators.
At Hardik Refurbs, you find a list of intel Xeon processors, network card, Nvidia Quadro p600, Nvidia Quadro p1000 4GB gddr5, hp Quadro p600, and a variety of other products from which you can choose.

Apart from the variety of products that we offer, we also take full responsibility for our work. We are dedicated to giving our clients the best products to suit their requirements and will go that extra mile to ensure that all our customers are satisfied with our services. Our prominence and experience in the field ensure that our customers get the right sound quality products to help their respective projects. The reason why our clients pick us:

Tested and Certified Products

At Hardik Refurbs, we never compromise with the quality of the products. We ensure we only sell the eight quality products to our customers. And to do so, we make the process of refurbishment very seriously. We make sure that we only sell the optimum quality products in the market. Several step refurbishment process promises the best quality products. We check the products thoroughly for any errors or complications, and if found, we repair them. Only after the product clears all the checkpoints and matches the desired parameters, we prepare to sell them in the market. Therefore, while purchasing, you do not have to give any second thought about the products’ quality and performance.

Tech support with a guaranteed warranty

At Hardik Refurbs, our technical staff is well aware and educated to help you in crisis times. We are well equipped to understand our customers’ needs and help them find the right technology to cater to their needs. We provide proper tech support from morning 10 am to 8 pm, all days of the week.
We also have a full-fledged warranty period ranging from 100 days to 1 year, depending on the kind of products your purchase.

Customized Configuration as per the needs

We at Hardik Refurbs believe in delivering the products you require. And therefore, we provide you the option to select your Configuration. We customize servers according to customer’s needs, and we keep in mind all your inputs and requirements during refurbishment. If required, you can get the servers refurbished again as per the requirements.

Quality Products at affordable rates

It is only at Hardik Refurbs that you can purchase the products best in quality at a low price. We take the product quality very seriously and therefore never compromise with it. But while doing so, we also make sure that none of our products are overpriced. The computer has become a daily necessity, and related products are essential in our daily lives. Therefore we never compromise with the quality and deliver the best products at a low price.

PAN India Delivery

People tend to that while purchasing the products online, delivery of the products is a huge barrier. Not all service providers deliver across India. But with Hardik Refurbs, you do not have to worry about it. No matter where you live, it is not a problem for us in a big metropolitan city or India’s remote district. We deliver the product right to your doorstep. We generally take 2-3 working days to deliver the product, but it might also take some time depending on your location and the geographical situations and conditions. Buy from Hardik Refurbs to get the best quality products at affordable rates.

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