Why Prefer to Buy Refurbished IT Hardware (2020)

IT Hardware

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Unbeatable Value

Buying refurbished IT hardware will save you anywhere from 50% to 90% off the list price of a new server, PC or laptop and almost always provide a better specification to boot. Whereby the price of new server options and CPU upgrades can be prohibitively expensive for all but the most extravagant of budgets, used and refurbished hardware components offer just the same reliability at a significantly discounted price.

New equipment must recover research and development costs, as well as a major marketing and engineering overheads. All of these costs are absorbed by the large corporate and public sector entities with their initial purchase. By the time they decide to refresh their equipment the initial outlay has been written off, providing for huge discounts in the secondary market. At Hardik-Refurbs we have RAM modules, Intel CPUs, Hard Drives and Interface Cards in stock at any time. This provides the opportunity for you to max out your build to order system with a top of the range spec and still make huge savings against a new machine.

Proven Reliability

All the servers, desktop PCs, workstations and laptops that we refurbish at Hardik-Refurbs have been removed from working environments and undergone extensive diagnostics. We only sell business-class hardware which has already proven itself to be reliable in a real-world scenario and undergone extensive testing to ensure that it remains in perfect working order. The net effect of this in-situ usage and testing is hardware that is arguably more reliable than new systems, which don’t have anywhere near the same level of burn-in testing. At Hardik-Refurbs we firmly believe in the quality of our refurbished products and as such, everything we sell is backed by 100 days warranty.

Business Class Products

We specialise in providing business-class IT hardware, designed and manufactured to be more reliable, durable and longer-lasting than consumer-grade equipment.

Professional product ranges from HP EliteDesk and Dell Optiplex desktop PCs to Lenovo Thinkpad and HP EliteBook laptops command a premium price from new as their features and components are targeted at the corporate and public sector markets where performance and dependability are paramount. With superior build quality, higher spec components and enhanced security features, the only reason not to buy business class computers is usually cost. However, with a refurbished system from Hardik-Refurbs often costing less than 50% of the equivalent new consumer-grade equivalent, the choice is obvious.

Environmental Sustainability

Buying refurbished computers is a responsible, sustainable approach to IT hardware procurement. Reusing perfectly good equipment reduces drain on our planets finite resources, providing a meaningful way to prevent e-waste pollution.

Recent studies have shown that up to 10 million used desktop computers are retired annually in The India alone, with a further 80 million discarded across the Asia. A refurbished server or PC is the ‘green’ solution, reducing landfill use and ensuring your company’s brand is promoting an ethical image for an increasingly environment-conscious audience.

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